Jan 23 2011

Speaking of Madness – An Update on Private Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks

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Since Uranium Madhouse’s upcoming project concerns the American government’s involvement with torture, we have been following the case of Bradley Manning with particular interest.

Private Bradley Manning is an army intelligence analyst charged with disclosing classified materials he easily gained access to while deployed near Baghdad. He is charged with “communicating, transmitting and delivering national defense information to an unauthorized source and disclosing classified information concerning the national defense with reason to believe that the information could cause injury to the United States.” Manning says that he revealed information that concerns injustices that are concealed from the American public.

According to the Manning Wikipedia page, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Peter Pace has been quoted as saying ‘It is the absolute responsibility of everybody in uniform to disobey an order that is either illegal or immoral’ and to make such orders known.” Roberts further said that, if he is the source of the leak, Manning is “wrongfully imprisoned for meeting his military responsibility.”

Wherever you may stand on the issue, and there’s a lot more back story to be had, the real madness begins when Manning was placed in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, meaning that he is deprived of sunlight, has limited contact with family and friends, can have one piece of reading material, and has one hour a day of physical activity. Unfortunately, this is not unusual for solitary confinement.  Making matters worse, this week, against the advice of military psychiatrists, he was placed on “suicide watch” for two days,which means that was stripped of all clothing except for underwear, could not wear his glasses, was verbally checked on every five minutes during waking hours, and awakened when sleeping if he covered himself with a blanket, etc. The Washington Post reports that psychiatric reviews state that he is not in need of either “suicide watch” or even the less restrictive “prevention of injury watch” – in other words he should be held on “ordinary status”. If you weren’t suicidal, it would be easy to see how you would become so with this inhumane treatment. He is now being held under Maximum Custody, which carries it’s own set of very draconian rules, and “prevention of injury watch”. The suicide watch was lifted at the urging of the Army Staff Judge Advocate’s office.

The United Nations has opened an investigation into whether the treatment of Manning by the United States constitutes torture.

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  1. kefiraon 23 Jan 2011 at 5:56 pm

    They need an investigation to figure out if this is torture? He has basically been put “in he hole” as they call it in jail. Although inmates in a jail can still keep their glasses and reading material. Humiliation and sleep deprivation. Constant verbal harrassment. Gee, I don’t think you need an investigation for that one. Our tax dollars at work! We are definitely the shining star in the world of imprisonment.