Jan 22 2011

hero takes a fall

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One of our beloved 9 Muses, Keith Olbermann, has been let go by MSNBC.

NBC has merged with Comcast. Comcast has denied that the merger had anything to do with the termination, which, to my ear, reeks of “Move along, nothing to see here folks!” Ironically, I have heard tell that Keith’s promotion of his his friend Rachel Maddow may have contributed to his being let go, as Maddow’s popularity made Keith more expendable. File under “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” and/or “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves”.

Keith’s instinct for exposing the madhouse-ish, carnivalesque character of American politics with wit and verve, his unfailing vitality and passion, and his determination to sound the alarm about the corrosive, steadily-deteriorating condition of public debate in America will be sorely missed. While I enjoy Rachel Maddow to a point, I will no longer watch her show, as I don’t want to support NBC. Silencing a political truth-speaker like Keith is simply, simply unforgivable. and Maddow should resign in protest.

The rumors are flying about Keith’s next step. Apparently the agreement with NBC prevents him from going to another network right away. Some say he will return to sports; it’s also been reported he will try his turn as a comedy writer (which he is a shoe-in for). One Daily Kos diarist is calling for him to run for Senate. What a tonic that would be!

In any case, Keith, you are still our Muse, and we will be watching out for your precious vigor and incisiveness. Godspeed!

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  1. kefiraon 25 Jan 2011 at 5:53 am

    rachel should resign in protest? That’s a little overboard dontcha think? When this type of sht happens, I tend to retreat to the grassroots. Like after the last election, I turned my sights onto California. Now I’m thinking I should try to find the PBS channel on my TV. I used to like the News Hour. Maybe progressives for profit doesn’t really work, back to the safety of the grass roots.. You’re much more vibrant on this blog than the actbetter blog–is it the strange new design? Keep it up.