Feb 12 2012


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I am excited to announce Uranium Madhouse’s first fundraiser of 2012, our second annual Balderdash Big Bang.

First, the details:

Location: Shakey’s, 7001 Santa Monica Boulevard, between La Brea and Highland in Hollywood
Date: Saturday, February 25, 2012, 7-10 PM
Admission to participate: $20
Ringleaders: JB Waterman and Marc Drotman

If you don’t know Balderdash, it’s a game that involves making up fake definitions of words, or fake premises of movies, or fake things that abbreviations stand for, in short, all things fake. The art of the con. Seems like a good fit for A Man’s A Man, no? The game is easily learned, and has a way of bringing out the radioactive madhouse denizen in all of us. No lie.

Questions? Contact andrew@uraniummadhouse.org. We hope to see you! And bring friends!

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