Feb 03 2012

this guy is working on our next show

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As the dramaturg.

I have been doing this regularly for several years for many of the larger theaters in Southern California. This means I have read literally hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of terrible scripts and a smattering of good ones too. And while this is frequently painful, it has also given me a unique perspective on the directions and trends that the playwriting community and, by extension, all of theater is going towards and will go towards in the future. Ironically, this is why dramaturgy really exists. It exists to offer that wide perspective, to step away from all the tiny beats and objectives and operatives and cues and look at things from afar. Dramaturgs try to offer context and it’s only when you stand back and do something crazy like read everything that the great, unwashed masses are sending out that this context can become clear. When you think about it, that’s all that research and program notes and post-show talkbacks are. It’s all just formalized, packaged context. This is also why I have hopped aboard the good ship Bitter Lemons; to talk about playwriting from this macro vantage point.



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