Jan 12 2012

our own private ($4,100) china syndrome

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We want to thank Mr. Vin Di Bona, creator of America’s Funniest Home Videos, for his continuing belief in us and for his magnanimous China Syndrome of a donation of $4,100, which will pay for costs associated with renting the theater for the upcoming production. We are very grateful, and we are on our way. Thank you again, Mr. Di Bona!

From Wikipedia: Vin Di Bona is considered one of the pioneers of reality TV, thanks to Battle of the Network Stars, which Di Bona produced in 1976.[3] By the 1980s, Di Bona became a producer for the syndicated newsmagazine Entertainment Tonight and later served as a producer for one season on the ABC series MacGyver; he also was a director for the American Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards and produced taped segments for the 36th Annual Emmy Awards, among others.[2],
Di Bona’s first two television series creations were spawned from two Japanese programs, and at the insistence of his wife Gina: the ABC series Animal Crack-Ups, was based on a popular Japanese game show called Waku Waku; his wife Gina watched a story featured on CBS News about the show, which aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System, the story featured a frilled lizard, which made Gina laugh and at her insistence, Vin looked into developing a series based on Waku Waku. America’s Funniest Home Videos was inspired by another Tokyo Broadcasting System series, the variety show Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan, after Vin and Gina attended a television festival in France and Gina walked past a booth showing Japanese home video clips, Gina found the clips in the program to be hilarious, asking her husband to look into developing a series based on the viewer-submitted home video segment.[2]
The success of America’s Funniest Home Videos eventually led to two spinoffs, America’s Funniest People and the short-lived World’s Funniest Videos; along with similar home video shows Show Me The Funny for Fox Family Channel (now ABC Family) and the syndicated series That’s Funny. Di Bona also produced several made-for-TV movies and a Showtime series Sherman Oaks. Vin Di Bona also serves as chair for The Caucus for Television Producers, Writers and Directors. Vin Di Bona received the 2,346th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, August 23, 2007.

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