Oct 19 2011

Composer Alex Fishkin to write music for A Man’s A Man

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Alex Fishkin is one of the smartest people I know (and I’ve met a few!). He’s an electrical engineer, an MBA, a patent attorney for Google, and he has a Master’s Degree from Stanford in Russian literature. He’s also totally unpretentious, easy-going and kind.

These are a few of the reasons why we have him on our Advisory Board.

And he’s also a musician. A fucking brilliant musician.

And here are the words:

Swaying, obeying my six-string kithara
Night desert vagabond, dancing with me
Through the salt ocean – lavana-sagara
You hold the rhythm, and I set the key

Lustreless clouds and bright dunes waltz about us
Cradling your bristled subtropical rug
Weep, desert creatures! Chir, eucalyptus!
Beacon us, every Milky Way pug!

Sing me the epic of ancient Puranas
Flood this unbounded embayment again
Bring back the army of Rama’s varanas
Let me get drunk on the still desert rain

Light up the stars hung across your acacias
Scatter you desert teaks over the sky
Dip the night moon in the soft sandy glaciers
You hold the key, now the rhythm is mine

See what I mean?

AND, I am very excited to announce, he is going to be writing music for our upcoming production of Brecht’s A Man’s A Man (in my scintillating new translation!) He’s an expert on versification and prosody, so he’s going to be working with me on the passages of the play that are in verse, as well as setting Brecht’s lyrics to music.

I’m pinching myself.

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