Apr 13 2011

UM Actor John Ruby is lead in film being screened at Vietnamese Film Festival

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John Ruby, who is playing Hugh in our upcoming production Conversation Storm, plays the lead in a film called Touch being screened this Saturday night at UC Irvine as part of the Vietnamese Film Festival there.

From the festival website:

The subtle graze of fingertips against cool skin. The comforting warmth of a familiar embrace. The fiery heat of a sensual caress. These elements of human touch between family and strangers are explored in Touch, the first feature-length film from Writer/Director Minh Duc Nguyen. Highlighted by a lively cast of characters, Touch is a beautifully vivid and sensual film that explores the power of touch and its emotional impact on desire, pleasure and healing.

Set against the vibrant and colorful backdrop of modern Los Angeles, an unexpected friendship blossoms between Tam (Porter Lynn), a newly hired manicurist at VIP Nails and Brendan (John Ruby), a timid, dejected mechanic. Brendan’s oil-stained hands are the basis of his wife’s rejections and he seeks Tam’s help in a desperate attempt to re-kindle the flame in his marriage. Through Tam’s advice and aid, Brendan’s marriage improves, but Tam and Brendan find themselves drawn to one another, an attraction which intensifies with each session. Meanwhile, Tam is forced to face her own demons and desires as well as her tumultuous relationship with her estranged father (Long Nguyen).

john ruby in touch

Congratulations John! We are thrilled for you!

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