Apr 12 2011

Bradley Manning Update

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With repeated pressure on the U.S. government to ease the terms of Bradley Manning’s confinement and to allow him visitors, there has been essentially no change in this treatment whatsoever since our last reports. In a new development, “The U.N.’s senior representative on torture investigating the Bradley Manning case, Juan Mendez, reprimanded the U.S. government today for its refusal to allow an official meeting with Manning. Reprimands are generally given to small dictatorial regimes that abuse human rights, not developed nations.” Mendez explained that “the US department of defence would not allow him to make an “official” visit, only a “private” one. An “official” visit would mean he meets Manning without a guard present. A “private” visit means with a guard and anything the prisoner says could be used in the planned court-martial.”

The government steadfastly refuses to make any concessions on the matters of Bradley Manning’s treatment in confinement or on allowing visitors.

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