Apr 05 2011

Thanks again, all!

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It seems hard to believe but our Balderdash fundraiser took place over a month ago.  Since then, the inmates of the Madhouse have been busy with casting our first production, holding a second fundraiser and diving into rehearsals. In addition, we are now an official entry in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

But we don’t want to get too busy to thank the friends of the Madhouse who helped make Balderdash possible.

One such friend is Vanessa Pedraza, owner of the restaurant, Costa Alegre in Echo Park.

Vanessa allowed us to use the Costa Alegre patio for our Balderdashing fun.  That meant there was comfortable seating for 20 players and enough room for our two MCs as well as the Madhouse hosts and helpers. (not to mention the option of delicious Mexican food and beverages.)  It would have been a tight squeeze at my house and no one would have had a bowl of steaming, hot soup delivered to him, that’s for sure.

Thank you, Vanessa!

If you liked your soup, or whatever it was you had, you might want to give Costa Alegre a shout-out on Yelp.  I’m sure Vanessa would appreciate it.

More mad thanks go to our friend Rick White, the proprietor of Tee Shirts on Demand.  Rick donated tee shirts that were worn by our helpers and awarded to second and third place winners –

– here’s one of our winners now!  Hi, Lily!

In addition, Rick has been great about getting us the fabulous black tee shirts that are offered to donors who contribute $200 or more.

Thank you, Rick!

The tees are from American Apparel, so they’re great quality, comfortable and made by workers right here in Los Angeles.  If you want to know more about getting your own custom-printed tees from Rick, click on his logo to go right to Rick’s website.

Our black, Uranium Madhouse tees will soon be available for sale right here on the our web site so watch for that development coming soon.

We also want to thank the evening’s MCs who kept the fun rolling along, JB Waterman and Marc Drotman.   We hope both Marc and JB will agree to lend their wit to future Madhouse festivities.

JB and Marc

Thanks, Marc!  Thanks, JB!

And of course, thanks again to all the Madhouse supporters who turned up in the chilly February night to play the game and to help us raise much needed funds in the earliest stage of our adventure in building this Madhouse.  We can’t thank you enough.

And an extra, extra special thanks to Balderdash winner, Sheila Lynch who donated her night’s winnings of $100 to our cause.  We’re enormously grateful, Sheila!

Andrew and Sheila

Balderdash was great fun for everyone!  We look forward to more fun with fundraising in the future!

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