Mar 13 2011

Nuclear Reactor Emergency – Updates

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According to the Associated Press, a third nuclear reactor has lost it’s emergency capacity to cool down, with a total of six reactors in that condition between the two nuclear plants affected, Fukushima No. 1 (known as Daiichi) and Fukushima No. 2.

In addition, “There is a possibility, we see the possibility of a meltdown,” said Toshihiro Bannai, director of the international affairs office of Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety, in a telephone interview with CNN from the agency’s Tokyo headquarters. “At this point, we have still not confirmed that there is an actual meltdown, but there is a possibility.” This information, however, is refuted by the Japanese ambassador to the United States. Of immediate concern is one of the two shutdown reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, which experienced an overnight explosion, destroying both the building housing the reactor and it’s backup cooling system.

In other developments, evacuation from within defined areas have now affected both plant areas.

We’ll continue to report on ongoing developments.

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