Jan 14 2011

Thomas Bernhard tells you how he really feels

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One of Uranium Madhouse’s 9 Muses is Thomas Bernhard, the Austrian novelist and playwright about whom I wrote my dissertation at Stanford. There is a quote on that page from Bernhard’s novel Gargoyles. If that quote made you curious, this blog is all Bernhard all the time. All the entries are quotes from Bernhard. Here’s there most recent one, Bernhard on families:

There are no families anymore, only live-in arrangements, rail and postal workers credit unions, travel associations, limited philosophy partnerships, literature societies, smoked-meat societies, turnip cooperatives’ societies, burlap bag associations, legal societies, weed-killing societies, societies for the praise and adoration of God: spare parts heaped on top of each other in some giant spare-part warehouse: a huge pile of sh-t for a world.
from On the Mountain: Rescue Attempt, Nonsense

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