Feb 08 2011

“she wants to bang all of them”

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Look what my UM 9 Muse-tracking Google Alert dragged in today, from Yahoo Answers:

My daughter is OBSESSED with this band called ‘ Blink 182…? ‘. Is this bad? I don’t know if this is an unhealthy obsession. Her obsessiveness includes the 100 posters on her wall of these guys ( Yes I counted ). She owns all of the albums, or whatever and she has every song of theirs on her iPod including the live versions I think. All of her shirts say ‘Blink 182’ on them she even wrote it on all of her shoes. EVERYTHING she owns says it pretty much, even her underwear.

Is this unhealthy?

I also hear her over talking on the phone that she wants to “bang” all of them.

Unhealthy? Nah. Your daughter’s got the right idea. Obsession, Blink-182, what could possibly go wrong?

Actually, come to think of it, we are looking for an intern…

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