Feb 06 2011

Miranda July is ready for “The Future”

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Uranium Madhouse Muse Miranda July wowed us with her first feature, “Me and You and Everyone We Know”, and she wowed the film world too, taking home an award at the Cannes Film Festival. Her new movie “The Future” just opened at the Sundance Film Festival, it sounds indietastic:

The story of a mid-30s couple (Ms. July and Hamish Linklater, with nearly identical hairstyles) who give up on their regular life for 30 days – she’s a dance teacher, he does tech support – in order to fulfill all their ambitions before they adopt that high-needs kitty, “The Future” exists in a whimsical universe that takes on love, family and death. In many ways, though, the film is about expressing a creative urge, and how that gets subverted by relationships, age and self-doubt. It’s a topic that Ms. July has addressed before, in her short story collection “No One Belongs Here More Than You,” and especially in a performance piece “Things We Don’t Understand and Are Definitely Not Going to Talk About,” which had its premiere at the Kitchen in New York in 2007. That show also featured a talking cat, voiced by Ms. July.

Can’t wait, Miranda! Can’t WAIT!

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