Jan 29 2011

Bradley Manning WikiLeaks Update

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Since Uranium Madhouse’s upcoming project concerns the American government’s involvement with torture, we have been following the case of Bradley Manning with particular interest. Read our earlier summary of the story here.

Here are the latest developments:

  • Amnesty International is the latest advocacy group to urge the government to modify “the harsh pre-trial detention conditions of Bradley Manning.” Manning, who has been in the brig for the past six
    months remains in “maximum custody” and “prevention of injury” watch.
    He is confined to his cell twenty three hours a day, and has yet to be charged. Amnesty says that the conditions under which he is being held constitute inhumane treatment.

  • Thus far, Pentagon sources reveal that a link between Manning and Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks cannot be established, although they are calling it premature to say that such a link can’t be established.
  • Army commanders were advised not to deploy Manning to Iraq, based on discipline problems that he exhibited, such as throwing chairs at fellow soldiers and shouting at higher ranked officers. He was deployed nonetheless because his skills as an intelligence analyst were needed.

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