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Feb 08 2011

“she wants to bang all of them”

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Look what my UM 9 Muse-tracking Google Alert dragged in today, from Yahoo Answers: My daughter is OBSESSED with this band called ‘ Blink 182…? ‘. Is this bad? I don’t know if this is an unhealthy obsession. Her obsessiveness includes the 100 posters on her wall of these guys ( Yes I counted ). […]

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Jan 15 2011

too nice for punk rock

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I saw one of Uranium Madhouse’s 9 Muses, Blink-182, for New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 in San Diego. A concert by the (at that time) biggest punk band in the world seemed like a great way to ring in the new millenium. And it was a great time. Five years later, Blink-182 had broken up. It […]

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