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Feb 19 2011

Our Muse Miranda July on Coming Back to Sundance

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Feb 08 2011

“she wants to bang all of them”

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Look what my UM 9 Muse-tracking Google Alert dragged in today, from Yahoo Answers: My daughter is OBSESSED with this band called ‘ Blink 182…? ‘. Is this bad? I don’t know if this is an unhealthy obsession. Her obsessiveness includes the 100 posters on her wall of these guys ( Yes I counted ). […]

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Jan 25 2011

Patti Smith giving you Virgina Woolf

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My friend Svend recently asked me who the 10th Muse would be, if we had one. I’m not sure, but Virginia Woolf would be a contender. On the anniversary of Virginia Woolf’s suicide, our beloved Patti “waves” to her. Patti Smith recently told Amy Goodman that she thinks of herself as a performer, not as […]

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Jan 24 2011

This Much She Knows: Keeping In Touch With Sandra Bernhard

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Seeing Sandra Bernhard’s movie Without You I’m Nothing was one of the major milestones of my aesthetic coming of age. To quote the movie, I felt like Columbus Crossing the Atlantic, I had found the new world. People could talk that smart? Behave that outrageously? Whaaaa? It’s a film I have watched more times than […]

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Jan 17 2011

Gena Rowlands at home

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One of our Muses reading a script for The Spiral Road Nuff said.

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Jan 15 2011

one for the front page

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On this page of quotable quotes from Uranium Madhouse Official Muse Antonin Artaud, I came across this one: There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea, shining in his head, frightened people, and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him. It may or not […]

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Jan 15 2011

too nice for punk rock

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I saw one of Uranium Madhouse’s 9 Muses, Blink-182, for New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 in San Diego. A concert by the (at that time) biggest punk band in the world seemed like a great way to ring in the new millenium. And it was a great time. Five years later, Blink-182 had broken up. It […]

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Jan 14 2011

Thomas Bernhard tells you how he really feels

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One of Uranium Madhouse’s 9 Muses is Thomas Bernhard, the Austrian novelist and playwright about whom I wrote my dissertation at Stanford. There is a quote on that page from Bernhard’s novel Gargoyles. If that quote made you curious, this blog is all Bernhard all the time. All the entries are quotes from Bernhard. Here’s […]

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